Preparing for Generation Z on Social Media

I was fortunate enough to sit through a presentation by BVK on The Essentials of Marketing to Millennials, which highlighted what factors Millennials find essential when selecting a college. Great presentation, but it raised a significant flag in my mind – the Millennial Generation is almost done with high school.

Generation Z

That leaves Generation Z (aka Generation Next, Generation We, Digitials, iGen or Tweenials), who are currently 14 and under, as the target audience for college admissions offices in less than three years. Being the Millennial I am, I started feeling antsy during the presentation, wishing I was learning about Generation Z and immediately began scouring the internet for more information.

I’ve come across a few good finds I wanted to pass along.

Taking it Social

In terms of applying this information to social media, both articles hit hard on the idea that Z’s are always connected, overstimulated, and digest an enormous amount of content.

Keeping social media content fresh isn’t exactly a new idea, but with the volume of content these Z’s will read, binge-watch, or browse through, increasing our frequency of posts seems likely. I’ve already seen this happen with new follows on our Instagram account. After they follow our account they’ll go back and ‘favorite’ almost every photo we’ve posted in the last six or so months.

I also think videos produced by students will be playing a much larger role. Ideas like replying to Tweets with a video from a student is genius. It gives us that sense of authenticity and the videos are quick and simple to produce.

I certainly don’t have all the answers now, but I’d love to get more feedback and a conversation started. Let me know how you think social media marketing will change for Generation Z.